Insurance & Storm Repair
Insurance & Storm Repair

The damages severe weather can do to your home or to any commercial building is unspeakable. It can leave you and your family feeling devastated. Thinking about the repairs needed may prove to be a frustrating thought. In such times, there is an urgent need for damage repair services. Our team of home repair contractors will come in handy in such times.

We are the experts that you need.

At Freedom Contracting, we are capable of handling all your insurance claims and the processes associated with it from the beginning to the end. We always strive to ensure that everything damaged is replaced without failure. We always meet with adjusters from insurance companies to ensure that the estimated value is extremely accurate, complete and thorough.

Whether your property is damaged because of a storm, wind or even hail, we are well equipped to restore your home back to an even better state. We offer emergency Contract repairs, gutter and siding repair or replacement, and window repair or replacement. We deliver all of our services with professionalism, honesty, and integrity.

We are experts at handling your project. Trust us to deliver the best deals with insurance companies as well as our best in home repairs. We can be the link between you and your insurance company and work to get your home back in tip top shape.

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